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For Writers and Editors: Publication of a thesis

Publishing a thesis through the web

The library accepts theses only in electronic format. It stores all theses in the Lauda publication archive (Rector’s decision, 20 December 2013).

  • When your thesis has been approved and evaluated by the Faculty Council, send it to the library (gradut[at] as a PDF file. Write your study subject in the Subject field, e.g. "tourism".
  • Fill out the web publication permit form, sign it, and deliver it to the library or send it via email from your personal ulapland address to the library (gradut[at] and to your supervisor.
  • All theses are published in Lauda, the university’s open access publication archive, which makes them accessible and readable on the Internet or, in special cases, only on the university’s intranet through a library computer. The copyright always belongs to the author.

For further information, please contact the head of study affairs of your faculty.

Contact persons in the library:
Library Secretary Eija Kumpula, phone 040 484 4317 (Education, Law)
Library Secretary Raija Paavola, phone 040 484 4318 (Social Sciences)
Library Secretary Katariina Soudunsaari, phone 040 484 4310 (Art and Design)

Theses at the University of Lapland

LUC-Finna contains information on all the printed and e-theses.

The theses are in print format up to 2011. As of 2014, all the approved theses are as full texts.

Thesis abstract form

A thesis submitted to the University of Lapland must include an abstract. For the sake of consistency, write it in the following format. Attach the abstract to each copy of your thesis.

Content of the abstract form:
1. Title of the work
2. Author(s)
3. Degree programme / teaching programme [TA1] / subject
4. Type of work (thesis, laudatur work[TA2] , licentiate thesis, written work)
5. Number of pages and appendices
6. Year - term and year when the work was submitted to the university (autumn/spring)
7. Abstract
   - a short, clear account of the content of your thesis (max. 250 words)
   - contains all the conclusions and new information
   - presents the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions of the work
   - organized as the thesis that it depicts
   - does not exceed one A4-sized page, organized into paragraphs (SFS 3855)
   - further instructions provided by the faculties
8. Keywords
   - the author lists 3–6 keywords (e.g. the topics and themes, research methods, conclusions, results, and the related context or discipline)
9. Other information
   - e.g. restrictions related to confidentiality and commissioned assignments
10. Consent to submitting the thesis for library use