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Using the Library: Basic library skills

LUC - Lapland University Consortium Library

Two organizations:


Using the Library

  • You may freely wander around the Library.
  • You may pick books by yourself from shelves for reading, copying and borrowing.
  • You may borrow as many books as you wish.
  • Borrowing and reserving are free of charge.
  • Self-service loan stations are available for you.

Library Hours

Library serves at 3 locations in Rovaniemi
* University Library open for all Mon 10-18, Tue-Fri 10-15, Sat 10-14, with LY key card self-service 24/7 (Key cards from Facility Office Services).
* Arctic Centre Library open Tue-Thu 10-17, Fri 10-16
* UAS Jokiväylä open Mon 10-18, Tue-Fri 10-16, Sat 10-13
Library hours exceptions

and at 3 locations in Kemi and Tornio (about 100 km from Rovaniemi)
* UAS Terveys Kemi
* UAS Kosmos Kemi
* UAS Minerva Tornio

Contact information


  • University Library:
  • Arctic Centre Library:
  • Publication Sale:


  • University Lending Desk tel. +35840 484 4302
  • Arctic Centre Library +35840 4844 286
  • Information Service tel. +35840 484 4303 
  • Publication Sale tel. +35840 821 4242 

Contact Forms

Contact persons

Library Card

  • In order to get library card, please fill the Application Form (e-mail is important!)
  • The first card is free of charge and can be retrieved by showing your identity card
  • Borrowers are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card